National font of Ecuador?

“You know how the font Comic Sans is everywhere in the rest of the world? Hobo is the Comic Sans of South America. It’s both heavily overused and sometimes applied inappropriately.”

“So why did it take off in Ecuador? My theory is that the print shops that make banners for businesses put the font in their shortlist for clients. For non-designer folks who need something for their business, they need to keep it simple. When you’re selling grilled plantain with cheese from your food cart, all you want your sign to do is be readable, convey what you’re selling and not be too serious. Hobo stands out.

Another reason might be that writing in Spanish requires special diacritic marks like ~ in the letter ñ, all the vowels that needs accents in certain cases like áé, íó and ú and of course the ¿ and ¡. Not all font sets are complete enough to include all these symbols. This makes Hobo the font of choice in parts of the Spanish-speaking world.”


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